Which Prop Firms Offer 1 Million Funded Accounts? - Find The Best Forex Prop Firm For You In Minutes (2024)

Prop trading, also known as proprietary trading, involves trading financial instruments for a firm. The firm provides the capital and takes a share of the profits. offers traders a chance to use their skills for a career in financial markets. It’s a fast-paced and exciting opportunity. This partnership benefits both traders and firms.

This blog explores prop firms offering $1 million funded accounts, revealing benefits, strategies, and case studies to enhance your trading potential.

SurgeTrader $1M One-Step Evaluation Account

SurgeTrader’s $1 million one-step evaluation account is priced at $6,500. You can boost your profit share to 90% by paying an extra 20% of the audition fee.

  • Benefits: SurgeTrader provides a simple evaluation process and allows flexible account scaling. Additionally, they offer a 30-day free membership with BKForex.
  • Limitations: SurgeTrader’s features include limited leverage, no support for futures or options trading, and a monthly withdrawal limit.

SurgeTrader offers a one-step evaluation program with flexible account scaling options.

  • Profit-sharing structures: Traders get 75% of profits initially and can buy an add-on to boost profit share to 90%.
  • Evaluation: SurgeTrader offers a one-step evaluation program with a profit target of 10% and a daily loss limit of 5%.
  • Maximum trailing drawdown: The maximum trailing drawdown is set at 8%.
  • Leverage: Up to 1:10 leverage for forex and metals trading, with an option for 1:20 leverage with an add-on.
  • Account scaling: Traders can scale up their accounts, with the maximum account size being $1 million.
  • Withdrawal system: Withdrawals are limited to once per 30 days.
  • Additional features: SurgeTrader offers a 30-day free membership with BKForex, a trading group, and a 10% discount code for new users.

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Fidelcrest $1M Two-Step Evaluation Account

Fidelcrest’s two-step evaluation account costs€2,999. it offers a higher profit split (80% to trader) and a larger maximum loss limit of 10%.

  • Flexible Challenge Accounts: Fidelcrest offers a variety of account sizes and risk levels, including Micro Trader Programs with capital ranging from $10,000 to $50,000.
  • Profit Split: Fidelcrest offers a profit split of 80% to the trader, which is higher than some other prop firms.
  • Leverage: Fidelcrest offers leverage of 1:100, which is higher than some other prop firms.
  • Tradeable Assets: Fidelcrest provides access to over 175 assets, including forex, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs.

Benefits and Limitations

  • Cost: Fidelcrest’s $1M two-step evaluation account is more expensive than some other prop firms’ $1M accounts.
  • Maximum Loss: Fidelcrest’s maximum loss limit of 10% is higher than some other prop firms’ maximum loss limits.
  • Minimum Trading Days: Fidelcrest does not have a minimum trading days requirement, but some other prop firms do.
  • Trading Period: Fidelcrest’s trading period of 60 calendar days for each phase is shorter than some other prop firms’ trading periods.
  • Educational Tools: Fidelcrest’s educational tools may not be as extensive as some other prop firms.

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Ment Funding $1M One-Step Evaluation Account

Ment Funding’s $1M one-step evaluation account costs $7,500.

  • Benefits:High profit-sharing structure (80% to 90%), unlimited free retries, and a wide range of account types.
  • Drawbacks:Two-step evaluation process, no direct scaling path to $1 million, and lack of regulation.
  • Profit Sharing Structure:10% profit target, 5% daily maximum loss, 6% overall drawdown, no specific minimum trading days or trading period, leverage up to 1:10 (1:20 with an upgrade).
  • Daily maximum loss: 5%
  • Overall drawdown: 6%
  • Minimum trading days: No limit
  • Trading period: No limit
  • Leverage: Up to 1:10 (1:20 with an upgrade)

What Do Prop Firms Look for When Assessing Traders for Funded Accounts?

Prop firms evaluate traders for funded accounts based on several performance metrics to ensure their suitability and potential for success. The most important performance metrics that prop firms consider when evaluating traders for funded accounts include:

  1. Return on Investment (ROI): ROI measures the profitability of a trader’s investments and is a crucial metric for evaluating a trader’s performance.
  2. Drawdown: Drawdown measures the decline in a trader’s account balance from its peak value to its lowest point and is a key metric for assessing risk management skills.
  3. Sharpe Ratio: Sharpe Ratio measures the risk-adjusted return of a trader’s investments and is a crucial metric for evaluating a trader’s performance.
  4. Profit Factor: Profit Factor measures the ratio of gross profit to gross loss and is a key metric for assessing a trader’s profitability.

Prop firms also look at factors like the trader’s history, how they manage risk, follow rules, and use the capital given. Traders need a strong track record and steady profits to get funded. Trying out demo accounts and trial periods can help assess a prop firm’s platform and tools.

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Which Prop Firms Offer 1 Million Funded Accounts? - Find The Best Forex Prop Firm For You In Minutes (2024)


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