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Unspeakable Net Worth – $30 million

What is Unspeakable’s net worth? Is Unspeakable dating?


UnspeakableGaming (real name – Nathan) is an American YouTuber who has over 11 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He gained fame through his Minecraft videos.


He was born on December 5, 1997, in Houston, Texas, USA.

Nathan was raised in Houston, Texas.

At age 6, he was a boy scout. At age 8, Nathan built a lego city with over 23k legos.


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He started posting Minecraft videos to YouTube on October 10, 2012.

He was 14 years old. Note – he had a channel (currently deleted) before ”UnspeakableGaming” named “Mr gaming 1,000.”

Nathan usually published Minecraft related videos and ”Gaming, Challenges, Roleplays, Custom Maps, along with tons of other awesome videos.”

”It was $156,” Nathan said for Chronabout his first paycheck from YouTube. He added: ”I didn’t even know getting paid on YouTube was a possibility. I was like, ‘Wow, this is crazy. This is a real thing. I can turn this into something that’s huge.’”

He created a map titled “Island Sprint Parkour” in April 2013.

On May 1, 2016, Nathan launched another channel, called Unspeakable. He started UnspeakablePlays on June 25, 2017, and UnspeakableShop on March 4, 2018.

Nathan started to upload Truth or Dares, Hide N’ Seeks, and Do Not Laughs videos. In addition, he published videos showcasing other video games like Roblox and Fortnite. ”YouTube is very similar to creating your own business,” he said in another interview.

In August 2018, he bought a Lamborghini Huracan Performante. ”Dreams come true. Work hard and I promise you can accomplish anything in life,” Nathan tweeted. He also wrote: ”This has been my dream car for years.”

In March 2019, Nathan along with 36 other YouTubers, including Caspar Lee, Typical Gamer, and Muselk, participated in the Apex Legends Battle Royale, a live-action tournament hosted by MrBeast. ”I am extremely grateful to Apex Legends for funding the award money and sponsoring the video,” MrBeast said in a statement.


UnspeakableGaming used to date Kayco (real name – Kayla Conley), a YouTuber with over 826,000 subscribers on her channel.

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The couple first met during chemistry class in high school, and “it just kind of sparked off from there.”

Nathan and Kayco broke up in 2019.

The couple announced their split on July 25, 2019.

”A lot of you guys probably know my girlfriend Kaylor or Kayco,” Nathan explained in a video. ”She’s been in a lot of videos, and I know a lot of you guys absolutely love her and love us together. Unfortunately, we have decided to break up,” he said. ”Our break up was a mutual decision. We both agreed that things were just not working for us. We tried for a really long time and things just weren’t working, so we decided to split. This is a video I never thought I would make, but it’s a video that needs to be made, it needs to be addressed.”

UnspeakableGaming is currently dating his new girlfriend. Here is a photo of the two.


6’0″ (183 cm)


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”Setting some serious goals, so excited to catch progress.”

”Loving these busy days, let’s make the whole year busy.”



Nathan played hide and seek with John Travolta’s family.

He owns a Minecraft server called ”Play.Chasecraft.GG.”

Nathan has collaborated with many YouTubers, including:

  • FavreMySabre;
  • MooseCraft;
  • 09sharkboy;
  • ItsMeCyclone;
  • Euclides.

He is a member of The Squad with Shark (Andrew) andMooseCraft (George).

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Unspeakable – Net Worth

So, how much is UnspeakableGaming worth?

Nathan earned most of his wealth from ads on YouTube, merch, and sponsors.

On YouTube (three channels — UnspeakableReacts, UnspeakablePlays, and Unspeakable), Unspeakable has over 17 billion views. This means about $50 million in revenue before taxes.

His first paycheck from YouTube was $156.

The most popular video on his YouTube channels is ”SURVIVING WITH ASWDFZXC IN MINECRAFT!”

Some of his sponsors are Hot Pockets, EA, and Hot Wheels. Nathan also sells merch on his website – unspeakable.com. He sends his merch to over 130k customers every year.

Therefore, Unspeakable has an estimated net worth of $30 million.

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