Supplier Invoice Request (SIR) Process: Tips and Tricks (2024)

The Supplier Invoice Request (SIR) Process is used in limited circ*mstances:

  • To paysupplier invoices that do not require a purchase order (non-PO).
  • To make a miscellaneous payment to a payee that must be paid via wire or that is being paid to a non-resident alien (NRA)*.
  • To make an expense reimbursem*nt to an External Committee Member (ECM) that must be paid via wire or that is being paid to an NRA*.

The university is a purchase order driven organization; a purchase order should be used in most purchases. A purchase order is a formal, numbered record/document issued after a requisition for goods and services receives approval. An approved purchase order is issued to a supplier to initiate the delivery of goods and services. A purchase order accepted by a supplier constitutes a legal and binding contract between the university and the supplier that includes terms and conditions.

The SIR Process is managed by the Accounts Payable (AP) department. We use Workday to process and pay supplier invoices.

See the Purchasing Policy and Procuring Goods and Services job aid for types of purchasing methods and how they should be prioritized.

* If a supplier must paid via wire or is an NRA, follow the typical Supplier Invoice Payment Process. The collection of additional wire or NRA information is managed centrally by Supplier Maintenance. However, if you know a new supplier will need to be paid via wire or is an NRA, indicate that in the Workday non-catalog Requisition.

Supplier Invoice Request (SIR) / Common Use Cases

The following statutory invoice types are permitted as common use cases for the non-PO process:

  • Buck-ID Merchant Reimbursem*nts
  • Commission Payments – External Ticket Sales
  • Conference Registration
  • Dues and Memberships
  • Foreign Payments
  • Legal Services
  • Library Acquisitions
  • Medical Services/Insurance for Student Athletes
  • Payments via wire to ECMs (for expense reports) and Miscellaneous Payees


Prompt adherence to this process will result in the timely payment to suppliers

Supplier Invoice Request (SIR) Process: Tips and Tricks (1)

  1. Supplier Invoice Request (SIR) initiated in Workday. If no invoice number is provided by Supplier, create an invoice number using the Invoice Naming Convention Guide.
    • If the SIR is being created to pay an NRA or make a wire payment to a payee that would otherwise use the miscellaneous payment process, do not use Miscellaneous Payment. If you have already created a miscellaneous payment, go into Workday and delete it.
    • If the SIR is being created to make an expense reimbursem*nt to an ECM that must be paid via wire or that is being paid to an NRA and it relates to travel, enter the related spend authorization number in the SIR. No expense report needs to be created for the related spend authorization. If you have already created an expense report, go into Workday and delete it.
    • If a new supplier needs created, select NEW SUPPLIER REQUEST and attach the supplier/payee setup form and any other required documentation needed for an NRA.
  2. SIR approvals route based on statutory invoice type (see common use case listed above). Approvals may include Cost Center Manager, Service Center Rep, Grant Operations Center (GOC) Rep, Service Center Lead, Grant Operations Center (GOC) Lead, Program Manager, Project Manageror Department Leader. All approvals must be completed before the SIR routes to AP.
    • The SIR initiator is notified if the amount of the SIR is changed by someone downstream or the SIR is canceled or denied.
    • Prior approversare notified if a subsequent approver denies the SIR.
  3. Accounts Payable approves SIR and creates invoice.
  4. Workday invoice approvals route based on various parameters (for example, transaction size, spend category, worktags, etc.).
    • The SIR initiator is notified at completion of the Supplier Invoice business process.
  5. Workday pays invoice on payment date. NOTE: Payment terms with supplier in the supplier database dictate pay timeframe (i.e. 30, 60, 90 days from invoice date) pending the successful approval of the invoice.


Business RoleBusiness ResponsibilitiesSecurity Roles
Non-Resident Alien

Individuals who are not US citizens or resident aliens, entities out of the United States, and anyone requesting a payment to foreign bank. NRAs can receive payment via check, ACH, EFT or wire.

An NRA supplier/miscellaneous payee/ECM must submit required documentation to OSU contact.

Supplier must keep OSU informed about any changes to supplier information.


Requester identifies a payment need via something other than invoice (i.e. statement, email, registration, etc.).The requester should help identify if payment will be made to an NRA or via wire and collect required supplier information for payments to miscellaneous payee and ECMs.

The requester initiates the Supplier Invoice Request (SIR).

Submitting the SIR confirms that no purchase order is required and that you have received the goods or service and verify the payment should be processed.

The requester should consult with Supplier Maintenance as necessary.


Responsible for ensuring the purchase was appropriate, within budget, and within the parameters of a non-PO purchase.

Statutory invoice type and other parameters determine required approvers.

Possible roles include Cost Center Manager, Department Leader, Program Manager, etc., depending on statutory invoice type and other parameters that determine the approver
Export ControlApproves New Supplier Requests for export control when payee is a NRA or banking information is located in certain foreign countries.Export Control Specialist
Office of the Treasurer

Approves all wire payments greater than $1 million. Approval takes place with supplier invoice business process.

Cash Manager
Service Center (UNIV)

Responsible for ensuring that no purchase order is required and the requested payment has been submitted with appropriate detail and documentation.

Submits Supplier Requests for Miscellaneous Payees and ECMs that are NRAs or will be paid via wire.

Business Transaction Services
Accounts Payable (AP)Approve the SIR and creates Workday invoice. Make timely payments in accordance with the terms of the supplier record in Workday. Ensure that the data provided by suppliers or units to Accounts Payable is captured in the system for unit review.AP Data Entry Specialist


Key ReportsDescriptionSupports Process Steps
Find Supplier Invoice Request (SIR) Summary - OSU

Used to report on high level attributes associated with a Supplier Invoice Request. Useful to review requests that may be held up during the business process or get unique counts of activity.

This report provides results by each unique supplier invoice request submitted and provides supplier invoice statuses and basic metrics.

Supplier Invoice Request Initiated and Approved

Workday Pays

Find Supplier Invoice Request (SIR) Detail - OSU

Used to troubleshoot and investigate Supplier Invoice Requests. Provides information about the detail lines associated with a request including allworktagstrings.

This report rovides information on supplier invoice request header information as well as line detail information such as funding splits and line item description details.

Supplier Invoice Request Initiated and Approved

Workday Pays

Find Supplier RequestsThis Report provides summary information about all Supplier Requests (used with process for Miscellaneous Payees and ECMs that are NRAs or will be paid via wire) including Supplier Name, status and awaiting persons.Supplier Invoice Request to make a Miscellaneous Payment and expense reimbursem*nts to NRAs or payees or ECMs paid via wire

Full Inventory of Operational Reports - view the Accounts Payable reports tab

Training and Practice Aids

Resource TypeResource NameResource Description
Job Aid (ARC)Invoice – Create Supplier Invoice Request – Payment Request/Non-PO – End UserInstructions on how to create a payment request for a supplier invoice in Workday that does not require a Purchase Order.
Job Aid (ARC)Invoice – Review/Approve Supplier Invoice Request – Cost Center Manager & Other ApproversInstruction on how to review and approve a Supplier Invoice Request.
Job Aid (ARC)End User – Request to Create a New Supplier RecordInstruction on how end users can start a request for a new supplier.
Policies and Forms B&F WebsiteNRA ChecklistOutlines the Non-Resident Alien (NRA) documentation must commonly required from an NRA for all standard procurement methods.
IRS WebsiteLink to all W-8 BEN FormsLink to all W-8 BEN Forms.
Purchasing Supplier Maintenance B&F WebsiteCompliance Form for Payments to B or W Visa HoldersIndividuals may be required to complete this form to certify that they have met certain restrictions in order to receive payment.


For general support, please contact your college or department administrative support team, Service Center support team, and/or your Fiscal Support Team.

For Additional Assistance and inquiries, please contact AP Customer Service,,

For questions related to supplier setup, please contact Supplier Maintenance:

  • General questions: (UNIV), (HS)
  • Tax Form 1099, (HS)

For questions related to Miscellaneous Payments or Expense Reimbursem*nts, please contact the Travel, PCard & Expense Team at 614.292.9290.

Supplier Invoice Request (SIR) Process: Tips and Tricks (2024)


How do you politely ask for an invoice from a supplier? ›

When requesting an invoice from a supplier by email, it is important to ensure that all relevant information is included in the request. This includes the product or service being purchased, the date of purchase, the vendor's contact information, and any applicable taxes.

How do you politely query an invoice? ›

Call the company. Before you write a formal letter to the company, call the contact number listed on the invoice to rule out simple error. Be calm and courteous on the phone, and state that you have a question about the invoice you received. Allow the company's representative to explain the invoice to you.

How do I ask for an invoice request? ›

If you need to request an invoice from your supplier, there are a few different ways to go about it. One way is to send them a email asking for the invoice, as this is the most common way requests are handled. Alternatively, you can make a phone call or visit their offices in person to request the invoice.

What is the basic process of invoice processing? ›

Invoice processing involves the complete cycle of receiving a supplier invoice, approving it, establishing a remittance date, paying the invoice, and then recording it in the general ledger. It is a critical aspect of running a business.

What is the workflow of invoicing? ›

The invoice approval workflow is a checklist of the steps you need to take to validate and pay an invoice. The process includes verifying the information and getting the necessary approvals, like knowing whether or not invoices need to be signed, before finally submitting the payment.

What is the typical invoicing process? ›

Invoice processing is part of the accounts payable cycle that involves the receiving, approving and payment of supplier invoices, along with any remittance advice, ultimately documented in the general ledger. One of the most efficient ways to improve your bottom line is to decrease the cost of operations.

Who approves vendor invoices? ›

Once the invoice is matched, it is then sent for approval to the relevant authority. This could be a procurement manager or any one who is in charge of approving vendor payments. Once the payment is made, a corresponding entry is made in the relevant journals, reducing accounts payable and cash simultaneously.

What is the effective invoicing process? ›

The following three S's are the keys to an efficient invoicing process: a simple, clear description of what is owed, when it's due, and whom to pay; a short, accurate explanation of the products or services delivered; and. a speedy, method of delivering the invoice to the customer.

How to request an invoice from a supplier by email format? ›

Dear {{to. fname}}, We, at the Accounts Payable Department, are currently processing some payments and have identified that we lack certain invoice-related documents from your end. To avoid any delays or setbacks, we kindly request you to forward the necessary documentation at the earliest.

How do I request an invoice copy from a vendor? ›

Invoice requests can be made in a number of ways. The most common way is through email or text message. Suppliers may also accept requests through their websites or by telephone. In some cases, suppliers may require an invoice to be sent before they will provide goods or services.

How do I request payment terms from a supplier? ›

You need to communicate clearly and respectfully with your suppliers, both verbally and in writing. Explain your reasons for requesting or changing payment terms, and acknowledge their concerns or objections. Avoid making demands or threats, and instead use positive language and tone.


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